The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations

Saving Military Lives; A Legacy to their Son

February 13, 2022 Season 3 Episode 6
The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations
Saving Military Lives; A Legacy to their Son
Show Notes

Today I talk with the Hicks FAMILY - of #HicksStrong.​ Today I have a conversation with Jolee, Mike, and Sienna. If you have lost a child to suicide, a sibling to suicide or a family or friend in the military to suicide this episode will speak loudly to you!

The Hicks are a warm and fun-loving family who are fiercely loyal and connected.  Just three years ago, with one child in the Navy and the other in college, things were looking up for all of them 

​On February 11th, 2019 they received the call that would forever change their lives.

The person on the other end said “Mr. and Mrs. Hicks your son was found dead this morning”. Their hearts were shattered that day. They do not want other families to know this pain. They do not want our service members to feel alone…

#HicksStrong is here to help!

  • There is an overwhelming stigma, across all branches, regarding mental health in the military.
  • Service members feel they cannot talk about their mental health difficulties without losing rank or being dishonorably discharged.
  • They are being told to suck it up, being mistreated by their chain of command, and being mocked by peers.

The mission is to SAVE MILITARY LIVES! - #HicksStrong Inc. aims to do this by linking veteran & active duty service members with confidential mental health therapists via telehealth and we cover up to 24 sessions.

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If you, or someone you know, is struggling  with suicidal thoughts PLEASE reach out:
The National Suicide Lifeline is there for you

IN a crisis you can also TEXT--->
TEXT the word "HOME" to 741741 in the USA
in Canada TEXT 686868
in the UK TEXT 85258

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