The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations

Dan Maigler - From Tale to Tail; A Mission in Paws for Patrick

May 08, 2022 Season 3 Episode 18
The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations
Dan Maigler - From Tale to Tail; A Mission in Paws for Patrick
Show Notes

Today I welcome Dan Maigler to the podcast. Dan is the mental health director for Paws for Patrick, a non-profit that connects people with mental health issues to Emotional Support Animals. Dan was Patrick's school social worker and when he died by suicide in May of 2020 it was devastating. Patrick's family starting Paws for Patrick has been incredibly healing for him and helped him endure the suicide of his own nephew Brian,  in January of this year (2022).

Dan is also a therapist in private practice and the host of the mental health podcast Not Allowed to Die where he explores listener questions about treatment and dilemmas his clients are facing.

Paws for Patrick
is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting young people to emotional support animals  (ESA's) and therapy animals to aid them as they live with mental illness. Utilizing their unique Wish Granter and Therapy Dog programs, they provide the funds and resources to bring the love of animals to the people who need it most. They also seek to raise awareness of mental illness and break the stigma that still exists. Patricks' animals, especially his beloved dog Cici, provided him with a sense of peace and love that no human could ever provide. This work can never bring Patrick back, and the pain of his loss will never go away, yet his memory and his legacy still lives on in the most profound way.

Dan's Podcast "Not Allowed to Die" can be found HERE

And some links directly to episodes I referenced -- but all of his episodes are great

HERE is the Suicidal Friends 101 episode

HERE is the episode on Emotional Support Animals FAQ's

HERE is the episode on the death of his nephew

You can find out more about Paws for Patrick HERE on their website


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