The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations

What to Watch (or Not); When Grief Insomnia Hits

May 27, 2023 Season 4 Episode 28
The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations
What to Watch (or Not); When Grief Insomnia Hits
Show Notes

We regularly find suicide as a subject matter on TV and in film these days...or at least more than we used to.... but being surprised by the plot or content is NOT always good. I like to try and give you a heads up when I can, so I am going to dive down the rabbit hole to talk about my current thoughts because I always have a list AND there is always new things coming out OR new ones being discovered...AND because I always go in and out of battles with 'grief insomnia' since losing Alex in 2016., the list needs to be long!  As I said last year (in a Sept 2022 episode), when we watch movies with a theme toward suicide, grief or death, does the content activate you or help you? Since the reasons these films, or shows, are made can be so diverse (- to educate, to cause fear or shock or disgust, or even to provoke or bring about change and awareness) so are our reasons for choosing, or not choosing, to watch them.

Today, I explore and discuss just some of the current choices out there.  Be sure to also check out the other 3 episodes from past seasons (or earlier this one).

Season 1 Ep 17 -What Am I Watching (aka binging)
Season 2 Ep 17 - To Watch or Not to Watch
Season 4 Ep 8 - Movies, Series & Documentaries; About Suicide Loss & Grief

I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW WHICH ONES YOU HAVE SEEN AND YOUR TAKE ON THEM - from ANY of the episodes! Or others you would recommend watching - or not! I will also disclaim this episode as I do all others - take that which serves you and leave the rest. We are all on a very individual journey, and at different spaces inside of each journey.  My heart and thoughts are always with you. The shows/movies that I discuss are not linked, You will have to search them to see where they might currently be available or streaming. - it changes too much to keep up): I am listing them as I discussed them in the episode.

Yes - For Distraction / Entertainment (not grief related, a new topic for me): 

The Lost Kitchen 
Somebody Feed Phil 
Beach Cottage Chronicles 
Stranger Things
Road Runner (documentary/biography & it straddles the next category for sure) 

Probably (for Most) on Subject of Grief &/or Suicide:

Mare Of Easttown 
Those Left Behind 

Proceed With Real Caution - No for Many: 

The Discovery
A Man Called Otto
Super Mario Movie (Link Here to Post About)

Coming Soon (with new seasons) or Worth a Second Mention (from my earlier episode this season):

The Bear - new season coming.
Reservation Dogs -new season coming
Scattering CJ
Surviving Death    And... MORE

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