The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations

Life After Suicide Loss; Will Our 'Old Self" Ever Be Relevant Again?

September 10, 2023 Melissa Bottorff-Arey Season 4 Episode 36
The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations
Life After Suicide Loss; Will Our 'Old Self" Ever Be Relevant Again?
Show Notes

Today I go "down the rabbit hole" to discuss a touchy subject ... or at least a difficult and complicated one. But this is a difficult and complicated journey, isn't it? Today I discuss my thoughts on if our "before" - our old life and self - will ever be relevant again. 
You will hear me discuss:

  • The first three years - survival, hope and healing.
  • Grief Vs Complicated (or Unresolved) Grief
  • Grieving Vs Trauma - yes, they are different.
  • and more ...

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My WEBSITE "The Leftover Pieces; Rebuilding You" support central - MY HUB - and that means my different SUPPORT GROUP Options are available.  I work to meet the needs of the three main things all moms say they need after the loss of their child by suicide - resources (at the time of loss and beyond), a community of connection that 'gets it' and a way to ensure that their child leaves an enduring legacy in this world!

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