The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations

Life After Suicide Loss; A Friend-to-Friend Round Table Discussion

October 30, 2023 Season 4 Episode 41
The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations
Life After Suicide Loss; A Friend-to-Friend Round Table Discussion
Show Notes

Today you are getting the much-anticipated, long promised (& finally here)- friends roundtable episode! And it was so. worth. the. wait!

After loss it feels like (publicly) there is so much that is centered around the immediate family and friends often seem 'forgotten' or definitely might feel unseen in their grief. It's really important to me to give them a voice because their loss was NOT small or inconsequential, at all! It was so very relevant and important in their lives!

Today I talk with three amazing humans who all lost a dear friend to suicide. A fourth friend who couldn't join, is represented by submitting answers to the talking points and I read these answers to Intermingle his answers in between the other's answers.

We here from Christian Murillo & Branislav Tadic from North Kansas City, Missouri here in the States and also from Oakley Mengel from Elkford, British Columbia, Canada.  Brock Lorenzen (also from NKC) submitted his answers (and I read them for him in his absence).

Christian, Brock and Branislav lost their friend (my son) Alex and Oakley lost her dear, best friend Donavon.

This conversation is a joy and heartbreaking all at once, but it is so very, very powerful and I am SO THANKFUL that we had this time!

Some of the things we speak to are: 

  • How the loss of their friends affected their life - at the time of loss & now
  • Do you ever receive signs from spirit?
  • Were you treated 'differently' as "just" a friend?
  • And they offer GREAT encouragement for surviving and thriving after this loss while you still carry them forward with you in life
  • And so much more ...

Such an IMPACTFUL & AMAZING conversation - like me, I think that you will take a WHOLE lot from this! It was a REAL GIFT FOR ME!!

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