The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations

Contact with Spirit; Down the "Psychic" Rabbit Hole for Halloween

October 31, 2021 Season 2 Episode 20
The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations
Contact with Spirit; Down the "Psychic" Rabbit Hole for Halloween
Show Notes

This episode release on HALLOWEEN 2021 - so, Happy Halloween! Now that we have had a  whole week of Instagram Posts, a live pop ins .... HERE is the HALLOWEEN SPECIAL EDITION RABBIT HOLE. Why did I "do" this whole week of spooky, fear-themed post?  Well, because grief and fear and spirits and sad, dark and terrifying things all happen this time of year. AND because I love Halloween and because I can, honestly. I hope you found something of value - or insightful - or even fun this week!

Today, I go "down the rabbit hole" and take a spirited, somewhat psychic, turn …. I chat about clairsenses and give you just enough to either make you go deeper - or leave it for those of us that "buy into that stuff" (ME - I do!! LOL) . I am good with either and my heart is with each and every one of you - until next week! 

Here are a few interesting links for you to read (a few from last week and a new one!)

Unlock Your Psychic Self & Change Your Life by Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca Rosen - the website (so much great info here)

The History of Halloween as told by The World History Encyclopedia (it also goes into Samhain and other related traditions as well)

The History of Halloween in Salem (because "witches" of course!)

Here's a link to listen to 5 hours (or less) of Edgar Allen Poe - and scroll down for some other fun links to other Poe links on this page

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Please reach out to me if you know of someone that I should talk to or if you yourself would like to have a conversation around the suicide loss and grief space. Instagram is probably still the best way to contact me or directly through email. I am already scheduling people into this  FALL so it's not too soon to reach out!

If you, or someone you know, is struggling  with suicidal thoughts PLEASE reach out:
The National Suicide Lifeline is there for you

IN a crisis you can also TEXT--->
TEXT the word "HOME" to 741741 in the USA
in Canada TEXT 686868
in the UK TEXT 85258

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